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Can I make money off of the Pickham Casino?

I just reached the Pickham Casino, and I realized you can't sell your tokens. I'm using the method where you bet 100 tokens on bingo after quicksaving, and its going well. But, the only I can do with is maybe get a Titan Belt or something. Is it possible to make hard cash from here? If not, can I transfer these coins to the second Casino? (BTW, this is my first time playing, so no spoilers, I only know about the second casino because that seems to be the one that comes up when you search up DQ8 Casino). I mostly did this all for the Holy Lance and the iron axe, so hopefully it wasn't a waste.
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Pickham Casino

Hi All! I've been trying to find the Pickham Casino but I don't seem to be able to, I'm not sure if I'm just an idiot or something but it would be really helpful if someone could just tell me what side of town its on or where it is relative to the map. Thanks for any help!
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Dragon Quest XI Part 6

So the big plan right now is to almost at random search the world over for the four remaining orbs. I think it's a safe bet that where we've already been can be ruled out. It is suggested that they visit Not-Baccarat to get around the sea gate that has barred the ship's way up to this point. Because everything in this game is gated in some way. They can't come up with a more imaginable or interesting way of barring progress into an area, it's always gotta be a check point.
I remember in Earthbound where the party was stopped by ghosts inhabiting a long tunnel on a country road. They used their freaky powers to make you appear back where you started when you got too far. The only way to get passed them was the funky tunes of a jazz troupe and their tour bus and after helping to pay off their debts and befriending them, they help you to move to the next area.
There were only two check points in Dragon Quest VIII; the first one which is destroyed by Dhoulmagus and the 2nd one which eerily invokes the first. All other obstacles in the game mix things up as to how you're supposed to proceed. DQXI though, they sure do like their check points...
Anyway, it seems like Sylvando has some problem with the city. I assume he's offended the leader. Can't imagine how.
Rab being a former monarch who's done a fair amount of traveling these past couple decades has given himself a broad range of connections and experience with getting around. I wonder how often he'll pull the "I know a guy" card?
Checking out the casino, I'm remembering how in DQVIII, if you abused the Pickham casino, you could essentially make your party invincible to everything up to that point in the game. However, once you got the boat and could go to other continents, all the gear you picked up (and would go on to pick up) would be rendered obsolete. The way defense scaled in that game made you effectively invincible up to a point, but after that point, you may as well not have any armor on at all. I think it was 1 point of defense canceling out 1 point of damage, and basically after the first part of the game, the amount of defense you'd need to be effective against even common enemies was unreachable.
It's at this point you'd want to start investing in evasion gear. When the enemy can one shot you regardless of how good your gear is, the only thing to do is to not get hit. The result is that Jessica ended up being the best tank in the whole party, because despite having low HP and Defense, her gearing and skill options made her the best at dodging.
Not that I ever went that route, I like stats, even if they suck. And besides, the Divine Bustier looks awful. Jessica's only good outfit is her standard. Most of the animations and poses in the game for her account for it, and her character model is not adapted to any other outfits. She looks good and natural in her normal attire.
Rab meets with the local Mayor's butler, they hit it off, and the request to open the sea gate is made. Surprisingly, the request is all that's necessary. There are no mitigating circumstances, no side quest that requires the party to get their hands dirty so the gate actually works.
The actual hitch is that Sylvando tries hiding from the Butler as they depart. I guess standing out like a sore thumb has it's drawbacks. Of course, Sylvando could have hidden below decks if it were that much of an issue, but then his very garish and outlandish ship would have given him away, surely. I doubt there are many like it in the whole world.
Soon after departing, Sylvando (again!) drives the party into a fog bank where upon the get lost. He attempts to maneuver at random and eventually leads the party into a ship graveyard.
This whole place stinks, and you'd think there'd have been some kind of warning from the butler to his old friend that almost immediately upon leaving the channel that connects the inland to the outer sea, there's a notorious cursed sea hazard. The man in charge of the sea gate doesn't know about this?
...But it doesn't actually seem so bad? Despite the wrecks littering the place, which really should be a huge sign of trouble, the only thing of note here is a lone mermaid waiting for her fiancee. Conveniently the party's been lead immediately into seemingly friendly hands with the promise of meeting the Sea Queen and possibly obtaining one of the orbs. All they need to do is locate a fisherman's village and find out what happened to her boyfriend.
The strange power that kept the ship stranded has been dispelled by the mermaid. That seems rather...convenient, again.
So Not-Hawaii is located on the other side of the continent. Seems like it'd be difficult for a fishing boat from such a small village to make the trip back. She may love him, but she's not making it easy for him.
This place is gorgeous. In fact, the whole game is gorgeous. I just wish the story and characters weren't so stupid.
This village's church is located literally in the most inconvenient place possible. Obviously we're not meant to use this village's church for it's utility. ...Or maybe the locked door indicates a hazardous area we'll be going into later and having the church her is actually very convenient.
Oh, goodie, story time. Assuming there's a grain of truth to any of this, what sense does it make to banish a fisherman and burn his boat? He can't leave without his boat. Well, he could swim, but that'd basically be a death sentence.
I wonder if it's the wrong Kai (mermaid's boyfriend)? Oh well, time to go kill a giant squid. Probably just like the one that took the Gondolian Merchant fleet to drive off. It's okay though, we've got Jade with us now. Hot, sexy, young woman vs. tentacle monster. What could go wrong?
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Just finished the Pickham quest and I really love this game

I finished DQ7 recently but DQ8 thus far blows it out of the water. I love the cast a lot and Yangus has to be one of my favorite characters in this franchise altogether.
No wonder people point to DQ8 as the best game in the franchise.
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dragon quest 8 help ???

hey i have just startet replaying dragon quest 8 and need some help 1. is there any items at the pickham casione the is woth getting 2. is there a boss lvl guide so i can see what lvl i need to be around with the next boss ( am lvl 20 now )
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I swear this little fucker feeds off my anger and sadness.

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DQ8 Pickham Help! Bug?

Hey, just trying to figure out if my game is bugged.
I arrived in Pickham some time ago and apparently Midea is supposed to become kidnapped but she hasn't been. I have been around the entirety of Pickham and even gambled in the Casino but nothing.
I even left (not aware she was supposed to be kidnapped) and even got Venus' Tear but Reds house is blocked by her body guard.
I have been stuck here for hours!
Any thoughts? Thanks!
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This is video #035 in my playthrough of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for the Nintendo 3DS. This video contains commentary. To view the non-c... This is video #037 in my playthrough of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for the Nintendo 3DS. This video does not contain commentary. To view t... In this scene Switcha and his gang go out to beef the Lewisham gang only because of what area they are from (Postcode Wars).- I Would Appreciate A Like And S... 7-7-7 achieved fast! Orig air date: 10/30/13 -- Watch live at Another one of our favorite Playmania presenters Hannah Peckham. In Part Forty Six we finally find out where exactly Madea has gotten to, and we start on probably the most boring and suicide-inducing areas of the game, con...