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Missing and Murdered Indigenous...Men? Why are there so many missing men and boys from the Yakama reservation? Part 2 of 2.

Missing and murdered indigenous people
If you have spent any time reading about true crime, you probably know that American Indian/ Native American women go missing from the United States and Canada at alarming rates. On some reservations, women experience violence and are victims of homicide at 10x the rate of women in other communities.
But what about men and boys? Missing and murdered Indigenous boys and men are the forgotten group of this epidemic of violence on tribal land and many families are aching to see the cases of their missing/murdered male loved ones solved. Just like with the missing women, men and boys are going missing at an alarming rate on tribal land, but race is not the only factor. Men (and women) of all ethnicities who live on the Yakama reservation are missing and murdered at disturbing rates.
Missing and murdered indigenous people is a complex issue with prejudice and jurisdictional issues playing major roles. If you want to know more about the root of these issues, I suggest “Missing and Murdered” podcast by Indigenous Canadian journalist Connie Walker, who explains the issues much better than I ever could; that podcast is linked below.
Today, I want to highlight the stories of some of these men and boys, specifically those missing from the Yakama community. Because there are so many missing people who are practically unknown, I have decided to profile the cases of ALL the men and boys missing from the reservation, regardless of race.
This is a companion piece to another write up I completed about missing women and girls from the Yakama reservation. That write up can be found here. If some sections sound similar that is probably why.
Washington state is home to the fifth largest Indian reservation in the United States, the Yakama reservation, which is home to the Klickitat, Palus, Wallawalla, Wenatchi, Whishram, Wanapum, and Yakama people. According to the US Census Bureau, only the Osage, Puyallup (also in Washington state), Navajo, and Choctaw reservations are more populous. The Yakama reservation is located in South Central Washington state, just south of the city of Yakima. Of the 31,000 people who lived on the reservation, 11,000 are enrolled tribal members. Most people who live on the reservation claim Hispanic/Latino, white, or mixed-race descent, but Hispanic is by far the most common ethnic group. There are also small Filipino, Japanese, and Korean communities nearby. The Yakama reservation is located just south of the town of Yakima, Washington, a large farming community of 100,000 people. Apples, cherries, peaches, pears, grapes, and hops are all grown in the dry surrounding region. Harvest time brings thousands of migrant workers to the area, so the population is always in flux.
Outside of Yakima is the town of Union Gap (Pop. 8000), which is partially on the reservation, and partially off it. There are two other proper towns on reservation, Toppenish (pop. 8000) and Wapato (pop. 5000). Other small communities such as Satus, Harrah, White Swan, and Granger all boast several hundred residents each. All in all, the Yakama nation consists of 2,200 square miles of sprawling, rural land stretching from south central Washington nearly to the Oregon border. But from this unassuming patch of high desert and grassland, more than 30 Native women have gone missing/were murdered. If we add Native men to the equation, the number jumps to nearly 40 unsolved disappearances, deaths, and murders. If we add the deaths and disappearances of non-native people missing from the reservation, the number grows yet again.
Although the land is vast, the tribal population is small. From my estimates over .5% of native people on the reservation are missing or murdered. Like many tribal communities, unemployment and poverty is common, appropriate housing is scare, and according to the tribal council "disregard for the rule of law and general civil unrest" as well as gun violence and substance abuse is common. In 2019 a curfew was instated after a particularly bad shooting.
According to the Washington State Patrol, the Yakama nation has the highest percentage of missing people of any Native community in the state, even though they are not the most populous. The FBI created a task force in 2009 to investigate the possibility of serial killer among the Yakama, but the investigation determined that a serial killer was unlikely, but not impossible. This was because the causes of death were so different from victim to victim. The investigation did close 2 cases on the reservation after DNA on both women linked them to a man serving life in an Oregon prison, but the man is not believed to be responsible for any other crimes in the inquiry.
Whether a serial killer is loose on tribal land or not, this issue is complex and long standing and demonstrates how much substance abuse, domestic violence, accidents, and random crime affect the native communities in this county at 10x the rate of other communities. Some progress has been made such as state bill 2951 which allows Washington state authorities to track cases and help investigate and search for missing individuals on tribal land. Because tribal lands are usually under federal jurisdiction, state authorities previously were not able to help, despite being more familiar with the area than the FBI. This is only one small step in the right direction and although awareness is growing, the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous people will not simply go away.
Many people have heard of this epidemic, but few know the names of the victims; today it is time to change that. Below are the profiles of 20 men and boys who are missing, murdered, or who have suffered mysterious deaths. For some of the individuals very little information is available. The list below is not necessarily complete. If you know of other unsolved cases let me know in the comments below.
Quick guide: Yakima- large town near, but not on, the reservation
Yakama- the tribe and people group
NOTE: all cases organized most to least recent. In order to be profiled the cases in this piece must have some connection to the Yakama Indian reservation. This could mean those who lived on the reservation, were last seen on the reservation, are believed to be missing within the confines of reservation, or are of Yakama heritage by birth. Hope that makes sense.
Bernard Schieber, 86, of Yakima has not been seen since Aug. 8, 2019, when he left his home in the 2500 block of South 84th Avenue in Yakima. His black, full-size Chevrolet pickup was found a few weeks later in a closed portion of the Yakama Nation reservation. It appears to have been parked normally and not crashed or damaged. When he left his home in the city of Yakima, Bernard had only ¼ tank of gas and no money. He suffers from dementia. Bernard is described as a white male with blue eyes and gray hair. He weighs 190 lbs. and stands 5’ 11” tall. Anyone with any information about Schieber is asked to call the Yakima County Sheriff's Office at 509-574-2500. He is still missing.
Josiah “Jo” Michael Hilderbrand aged 25 and his friend 47-year-old Jon Joseph Cleary left southern California in early June 2020 to travel to a Grateful Dead concert at The Gorge a venue in Washington state. Both men were traveling together in a light blue 2004 Honda Civic hybrid when they were last heard from on June 7th, 2019. On June 8th their abandoned burned out car was found 8 miles west of Toppenish in a deserted, rural area of the reservation. The FBI has stated they believe the men are dead but they are officially listed as missing.
Josiah Hilderbrand is described as white male, age 25, with light brown wavy hair and blue eyes. He is 5’8” and 165 lbs. He has a neck tattoo. Jon Cleary is a white male, 47 years old, and 6’3” in height weighing 230 lbs. He has brown/gray hair and beard and brown eyes. He usually wears a baseball cap.
Remains found August 5th, 2020 near Toppenish may belong to the men. The FBI is handling the case as the men were found on tribal land. The families are offering $35,000 for information that can solve the murders. Even if the remains are those of the “Dead Heads” the crimes of their deaths remain unsolved.
Strangely enough Hilderbrand and Cleary died on the same day that a mass shooting occurred in White Swan where two men, Donovan Quinn Carter Cloud and James Dean Cloud, killed five people. The shooters have been convicted in that crime and some have speculated that both crimes are related. This mass shooting was the crime that inspired that reservation-wide curfew to be put into effect.
Elias Chief Culps, 25, was last seen in White Swan on Dec. 27, 2018 and has not been heard from since. In 2015 Elias was a witness in a court case about unreasonable searches and seizures and whose jurisdiction should be involved when fugitives are found on tribal land- the outcome of that case is unknown. There is little information available about Elias’ disappearance. Those with information are asked to call the Yakama Nation Police Department at 509-865-2933, case number 19-009167. He is described as a Native American male, 5’6”-5’7” in height and 150-170 lbs. He has brown hair and eyes and a tattoo on his neck.
Jose Francisco Canales a 43-year-old father of 7 children was last heard from on July 7, 2018 in Harrah, Washington where he resided with his wife of nineteen years. He was last seen at La Guadalupana (a store in Harrah) on July 6, 2018 where he cashed his paycheck. The next day, July 7th, he called his boss to report that he would not be coming into work that day. This was the last time anyone saw or heard from Canales. He is described as a Hispanic male, 5’7” or 5’8” in height and 145 lbs. with brown hair and eyes. He has a scar on his left hand about 1” in length and a tattoo of a heart on his right arm/shoulder area. He was last seen wearing along-sleeved t-shirt (possibly green), blue jeans, brown sneakers and a blue baseball cap. He has a receding hairline and some gray hairs in his beard. Canales may be driving a gray 1994 Ford Ranger single cab pickup truck with the Washington license plate number B53351T. There may be a green 2018 Polaris 450HO four-wheeler in the bed of the truck; it has the vehicle identification number (VIN) 4XASEA509JA252860. Canales's case remains unsolved.
Rolando Gabriel "Gabby" Gutierrez, of Mabton has been missing since Sept. 16, 2017. The 44-year-old was the oldest of six siblings and was close to his family. When his family last heard from him, Gutierrez was in Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point, a Mexican fishing and resort city on the Gulf of California. He was staying in the area and had weekly phone contact with his family. Gabby was planning to come home for his niece’s birthday in October, but he never made it. One of his sisters worried that Gabby was “wrapped up” in the drug trade. In November 2019, forensic scientists in the Mexican state of Sonora announced that they had recovered 52 bodies and skeletons from a mass grave near Puerto Peñasco. Gabby’s family told an Associated Press reporter that they thought there might be a chance his body was among them, but this is not known for certain. Rolando “Gabby” Gutierrez is described as either a Hispanic or a mixed race (Caucasian/ Hispanic) male who is 5’10” in height and weights 180-260 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes but he shaves his head. He also has a zodiac cancer symbol tattooed on his arm and has pierced nipples. There is currently a go fund me for Gabby’s family so one of his siblings can travel to Mexico to give their DNA for comparison. Mexican authorities are investigating this case.
Kristopher Fowler, 34, was last seen Oct. 12, 2016. Fowler, affectionately known as "Sherpa" and “Kris” was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and had started at the border with Mexico with a goal of completing the 2,800-mile trek to the Canadian border. He was last seen in the White Pass area only a few hundred miles from his destination. Kris was last seen at a convenience store in very rural Yakima county. Kris is described as a white male, 6’2” and 165 lbs. He has blonde hair and beard and blue eyes. He is believed to be lost in the wilderness. His step mother still hopes the body can be recovered some day. Those with information should call the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office at 509-574-2500.
Joseph Eric Miranda Jr., 24, has been missing from Granger since May 26, 2016. Reports say Joseph went to his bedroom on May 26, 2016 around 10:30 pm after talking with his father. His mother went to check on him in the morning but he was nowhere to be found. She last saw him late on the evening of May 25, 2016 and initially thought he had gone on a walk never returned. It is unclear if Miranda and his wife also lived at the house with his parents or if he was only staying there. According to one source, Miranda left his wife a note that said he “wouldn’t be seeing her for a while.” Miranda had a bank card and a cellphone with him when he disappeared, but because the cellphone was a government issued phone (a burner phone maybe?) it cannot be pinged. His bank card was last used on May 25th to buy a soda at a gas station and it has never been used again. He left his keys and his car at his parent’s home. There has been some activity on Miranda’s social security card but it is unknown if the user is Miranda or an identity thief. Joseph’s favorite movie is a 2014 film called Wild, about a girl who hikes through the wilderness of the Pacific Crest trail. His family worries he embarked on a similar journey and either got lost of met with foul play. They ask that if Joseph is out there to please contact them so that they know he is alive and well.
Joseph is described as a Hispanic male, 5’7” or 5”8 and 180-195 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes. Miranda had long hair and a beard at the time of his disappearance and usually wore his hair long but occasionally cut it very short. He wears prescription eyeglasses with silver frames. He has a strawberry birthmark on his chest and a small mole on his upper lip. When last seen he was wearing multi colored swim trunks, a green long-sleeved shirt and superman flip flops. He often wears flip flops, his Rx glasses, and bandanas or hats on his head. If you have seen Miranda or have information please called the Granger PD at 509-854-2656.
Chad Nathan Stotz-Gomez, 36 of Union Gap, drifted between homeless camps at the time of his disappearance, but talked to his mother and other family members regularly. He was last seen on July 10th 2015. He has not been seen or heard from since. Some believe that this case is connected to the case of Cody Turner (details below). The same day Stotz-Gomez disappeared, there was shooting at a homeless camp between Yakima and Selah, Washington. The victim, a 36-year-old woman, was injured but the victim has not cooperated with law enforcement and no arrests have been made. Police found Stotz-Gomez's DNA at the shooting scene. Some have speculated that the shooting is connected to the November 2015 murder of Norma Emmerson, who was shot in the head outside East Selah, Washington. Some reports say Norma had information about a homicide committed by her ex-boyfriend, Raven Cutler. Cutler ultimately pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Cutler told Cody Turner's mother he'd seen Cody Turner (case below) and Stotz-Gomez together in downtown Yakima, but his information has not been verified. Other witnesses believe that the two men, Turner and Stotz-Gomez, knew each other casually and believe that their disappearances must be related.
In the past Stotz-Gomez has lived in New York and Montana and he may have traveled there. At the time of his disappearance, was required to check in weekly with the police. Stotz-Gomez is described as a Hispanic or mixed-race Hispanic/Caucasian male, 5’9” and 180-190 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes and usually wears a beard. He has the following tattoos: barbed wire on his upper left arm, a skull with wings on his right arm, the letters "SUR" on one hand, the number 13 on the other hand, and a small cholo face on his chest. If you have any information please contact the Yakima County Sheriff's Office 509-574-2550.
Cody Turner, 24, was last seen July 26, 2015, in Yakima leaving the home he shared with his father and grandparents. Cody had been gone that day with his dog Ariel but arrived at the home in the evening where he ate, showered, and picked up some cigarettes before leaving the house again. He had his cellphone on him but since July 28th, 2015 the phone has gone straight to voicemail. According to some sources Cody was homeless at the time of his disappearance but according to others he lived at his grandparent’s house with his father. Cody has a history of meth usage and his family believes he was using at the time of his disappearance. Despite his drug use, Cody’s family said he usually returned home every evening and talked to his family daily. He does not have a history of dropping out of sight or being out of touch with his family.
Cody is described as a white male 5'5 - 5'7, 150 - 170 pounds. He has sandy colored hair and green eyes. He keeps his hair very short and tidy. He sometimes wears facial hair (a goatee and mustache) which he keeps short. Turner's nickname is Cooter. He has two scars, one on his left wrist and one on his abdomen. His ears and tongue are pierced, but he had stopped wearing his earrings and tongue ring prior to his disappearance. Turner has the following tattoos: the name "Natilie" with flames and barbed wire on his right bicep, three skulls with swords going through them on his left bicep, and a tribal stamp on the inside of his upper left arm. Turner has previously fractured his left foot and he smokes cigarettes. His case may be connected to Chad- Stotz Gomez’s case which is why it is included in this piece, even though he has no connection to the reservation.
Justin Lee McConville has been missing from Toppenish since sometime in January 2015. He was 24 years old at the time and was last seen on the Yakama reservation, but often travels to Oregon and fishes along the Columbia River. Some sources say he is nomadic and had no permanent address but others say he lives in Toppenish. Justin is described as a Native American male with long brown hair which he wears in a pony tail and brown eyes. McConville has a half-sleeve tattoo of a Native American man, Chief Joseph, on his upper right arm. He also has a tattoo of a tribal fishing design on his left arm and a tattoo of a Native American design on his back. He is 6’0”-6’2” and weights 165 lbs. Yakama Tribal Police are investigating. They can be reached at 509-865-2933.
Anthony “Tony” Peters, also known as Anthony Colfax Peters, 56, was last seen in October 2014 at Legends Casino in Toppenish. According to his sister, Peters was homeless at the time, living with relatives or friends or elsewhere when necessary, but he regularly talked to his family and friends. According to his sister, Alfrieda, Tony like many homeless individuals had a complicated life. His temper sometimes got him into trouble, but eventually he always came around. His sister remembers him as a natural born artist who did powwow dancing, beadwork, and drawing for fun. He was also a good singer. In the past, he has been known to travel to other nearby reservations such as the Umatilla or Warm Springs. He has also been known to travel to Seattle. He would drop out of sight from time to time, but never for more than a few weeks.
Tony is described as a Native American male with black hair and brown eyes. Peter’s nickname is Tony, and he may use the name Anthony Colfax Peters. He has an overlapped front tooth and one front tooth is missing. He is 5’6” and his weight fluctuates regularly. His missing person case remains open with the Yakama Nation Police Department, number 15-006132.
Roland Elton Woodall Sconawah a Yakama by birth was last seen in either Lyle or Dallesport Washington in November, 2013. Both communities lie on the Columbia river in Klickitat county in what was once the land of the Yakama people. Tribal members have fishing rights in the area even though it is not technically on the reservation. This is where Roland was last seen. The 23-year-old was somewhat transient. He went missing under unclear circumstances. Roland is described as a Native American male with brown eyes and black hair. He stands at 5'6 - 5'8, and weighs 140 - 160 pounds. He is sometimes referred to as Roland Sconawah Sam. Klickitat county sheriff’s office 509-773-4545, is investigating.
Ira Kennedy Yallup Sr. was last seen at the Lone Pine fishing site near The Dalles, OR. in May 2010. His family has offered a $1,000 reward for information about his whereabouts. He is a Native male in his 50s with black hair. No other vital statistics are available and he does not even have a Charley Project page. Yakama tribal police are investigating.
Francisco Javier Mendoza was 27 years old when he was last seen in the early morning hours of June 8th 1994 leaving a 7-11 convenience store in Toppenish. Francisco was with two friends at the time. Later that morning, the three friends were outside of Toppenish when their car broke down. Francisco apparently went walking in the direction of town in order to get help and vanished into the night. He has never been seen again. Few details are available and his friends’ story is considered suspicious. Francisco is described as a Hispanic male, 5’5” in height weighing 160 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes. Mendoza may have a mustache, beard or a goatee. Some agencies may spell his first name "Franciso." He was wearing a white tank top, shorts and sneakers when he was last seen. Toppenish police are investigating, 509-865-4355.
Lawrence Jay "Larry" Riegel, 57 of Yakima worked as a carpenter and contract pilot before breaking four vertebrae, and injury that left him disabled. Right before going missing Larry had a surgery on his neck and some sources claim he was in a neck brace. Unable to work, Riegel was collecting disability. The last contact anyone had with Larry took place on Christmas day, 2009. He contacted several relatives and friends including a call to his mother to thank her for some clothes she bought him for the holiday. He was supposed to join his family in Yakima for a belated Christmas dinner on Dec. 26, 2009, but he never showed up or called. Riegel’s family described him as a “chatty Cathy” who talked to just about anyone and had daily phone contact with his friends and family. Riegel’s last phone call took place at approximately 5:30 pm on Christmas day. It is believed that the call was made to Riegel’s tenants who rented a farm from him in Union Gap, a town on the reservation. His tenants owed him $3000 in back rent.
Riegel lived with his girlfriend, Ladena Mann before he went missing. Mann claimed that the couple argued on Christmas day and Riegel left the home presumably to go see his tenants. She also claimed that Riegel assaulted her either on Christmas day or on January 4th before disappearing. When Mann tried to report this assault weeks later, she was unable because she had no injuries or proof of violence. Mann used Riegel’s money and EBT card after he disappeared as well as applied for her own EBT card claiming she still lived with Larry. Mann was charged with welfare fraud and perjury, but charges were dropped when she paid back the money and entered a diversion program. In one media interview she claimed that Larry is still alive and that he has “contacted several people” since going missing. She thinks Larry is residing in Idaho or Montana and has accused his family of knowing where he is. Ladena Mann is a person of interest in Larry’s disappearance as are his tenants, the last known people to have spoken to him. Riegel’s family is offering a $25,000 for information in the homicide investigation that leads to his remains. They have billboards all over the Yakima valley asking for information. Larry’s mother, aged 90, still drives around rural areas searching for his body.
Riegel is described as a white male with gray hair, a gray mustache, and hazel eyes. He is 6’2” and weights 200 lbs. He has surgical scars on his left knee and a prominent vertical scar on his neck from recent surgery to fix four broken vertebrae. He often wears eyeglasses and he has a limp in his left leg. He is also an alcoholic who frequented neighborhood bars. Yakima Police Department Yakima Police Department (509-576-6573) is investigating.
Donnie Sampson, 71, a well-known religious leader, had been serving for eight years on the Tribal Council’s Code of Ethics Committee when he disappeared in the fall of 1994 while hunting elk about 45 miles west of White Swan, near Mt. Adams. Donnie had a heart problem and had been prescribed nitroglycerin as a result. Right before his disappearance, he told his daughter that he (and the ethics committee) “was getting into something that’s going to make everybody mad.” He even went so far to tell her that he would be “making enemies” and that she and the community would hear about his findings soon enough. He had been investigating rumors of corruption in the tribal council and the housing authority before he went missing, but other committee members refused to elaborate on the matter.
Donnie’s truck was found Oct. 30, 1994, in the foothills of Mount Adams by volunteer searchers, but searchers found no trace of Sampson. His nitroglycerin, lunch, clothing and three rifles were found in his truck. A fourth rifle he left home with disappeared with him. Donnie’s children say tribal police has done little to investigate the disappearance, which they believe is a result of foul play. For example, his children were never interviewed and his truck was found by volunteers, not official search and rescue. Tribal authorities believe that the elderly Sampson simply got lost while hunting. There are no photos or description of Donnie Sampson available. He does not even have a Charley Project page. Tribal police are investigating.
Roland Jack Spencer III disappeared in late May 1984. He was 3 years old when last seen in the area of Knight Lane and Campbell Road in Wapato, although some sources say he was last seen in Toppenish. Roland is presumed to have been abducted by a non-family member, when he was in the yard. Curiously, Roland’s mother died under suspicious circumstances several years earlier (her case is featured in my previous write up). After her death Roland moved in with his great-aunt. Roland is described as a 3-year-old Native American male, with black hair and brown eyes. Roland has a scar on his abdomen. His nickname is Do-Boy and he may go by his middle name, Jack. Roland has some severe medical issues and disabilities. One website explains that Roland experienced brain damage in the womb which lead to his medical issues. Despite his hardships, he was a happy child who loved playing with cars. He is classified as mentally disabled, hard of hearing, and suffers from epilepsy. He takes medication to control his condition and may fall into a coma without it. He can only walk a few steps at a time and has very limited vocabulary and speaking skills. He was last seen wearing corduroy pants, a long sleeved red and white shirt, and tan boots. His was declared legally dead in 2000. Yakama tribal police are investigating, (509) 865-2933.
Darryl Keith Celestine of Zillah, was murdered Sept. 25, 1988, in Wapato. He was found strangled outside his home. Darryl, a Yakama, was only 22 years old at the time. His murder is unsolved. Very little information is available.
What happened to these men? Why are so many people missing from such a sparsely populated area?
These sources are a good place to start.
The Charley Project and NAMUS
If you are interested in this issue as a whole, I suggest this podcast by Canadian journalist Connie Walker who explains and dives deeply into the issues discussed in the piece. You can listen to the podcast Missing and Murdered here:,in%20British%20Columbia%20in%201989.
If you are interested in the cases of other missing Native Americans, my write ups on the Teekah Lewis and Bryce Herda cases can be found here on my reddit profile.
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Hopefully, the complete SOA/Mayans MC Timeline

Hey guys, this is my first time posting here. I wrote the article on all 10 Mayans MC episode titles and their meanings which a lot of people seemed to like. I saw u/thickyjackjr 's post on his attempt to break down the SOA/Mayans timeline, and I thought I'd share all the info I have and build off what he started. I've seen the shows countless times and I always take notes so I had a lot of this info laying around. Sorry for the long read... and wicked spoilers if you haven't seen Mayans yet!

1940: John Teller is born on May 5th.
1951: Felipe Reyes (Born as Ignacio Cortina) is born in February. (Age 67?)
Source: Mayans MC S1EP4 “Murciélago/Zotz”1954: John Teller (14yo) is attending Wilson High School.
[1955-1975: Vietnam War].
1957?: Gemma Madoc is born.
1967: Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club is founded by nine men known thereafter as the First 9.
John Teller former President, veteran
Piermont “Piney” Winston former VP, veteran
Lenny “The Pimp” Janowitz former SGT-At-Arms, veteran
Keith McGee, co-founder, moved to Belfast, Ireland (SAMBEL)
Wally Grazer, drifter, 5th member
Thomas 'Uncle Tom' Whitney, 6th member, brought in by Wally
Chico Villanueva, 7th member, 1st Hispanic member, helped form 1st alliance with SOA/Mayans MC.
Otto 'Lil' Killer' Moran (not to be confused with Big Otto Delaney - played by Kurt Sutter) 8th member
Clarence 'Clay' Morrow, veteran, 9th to join but not a ‘founding member’, douchebag
Source:, their source comes from the SOA IPad app that was released along with the show years ago.

1973: Gemma Madoc leaves Charming at age 16 (SOA's Wikipedia says she leaves in 1975 but on S02E04 it is said she leaves when she's 16yo).
1975?: Gemma (18) meets John Teller and two months later she's pregnant [In S05E09 Gemma tells Nero she met JT and got pregnant at 18. So there has to be a mistake either in Gemma's birthday or in Jackson's or the anecdote itself is an error. There's a picture where she's getting married being pregnant, so she cannot be pregnant from '75 to '78].
1978?: Gemma (21) marries John Teller (38) being pregnant.
1978: Jackson Teller and Opie Winston are born.
1980: Tara Knowles is born on June 21st.
1983: Gemma Teller returns to Charming with his firstborn son, Jackson (5yo), and the MC. SAMCRO settles in Charming.
1984: Ignacio Cortina decides to change his life when he knows his wife is pregnant. // Thomas Teller is born to John and Gemma Teller on January 8th.
1985: Ignacio Cortina changes his identity to Felipe Reyes.
1984 or 1985: Angel Reyes is born. (Felipe was 34 at the time?) Angel Reyes is 33/34 now?
1989/1990?: Ezekiel Reyes is born. EZ is 27/28 now?
1988: Trinity Ashby is born in Belfast to John Teller (48) and Maureen Ashby.
1989: Tara Knowles' mother dies when she's 9yo.
1990: Thomas Teller dies on April 4th at age 6. Jackson Teller is 12yo. John Teller is in Belfast.
1992: Mayan War. (Conflict between the Sons and the Mayans. It lasts 2 years around 1992, ending before John Teller's death). This year is also known as 'The Bloody 92'.
1993: John Teller finishes his manuscript on March 15th, and dies on November 13th in hospital two days after a motorcycle accident in Highway 580 (11/11/1993) [At the time he'd be 53yo, but in S02E04 there's what has to be a mistake in the police's accident report which says he was 35yo when he died]. (Jax Teller is 15yo).
1996: Tara Knowles (16yo) is arrested at least three times together with Jackson Teller (18yo) for minor offenses.
1997: Tara Knowles leaves Charming to live in San Diego with her aunt.
2003-2008: Opie Winston serves his time in jail at Chino (5 years).
September 2008: SOA 1st Season (Jax Teller is 30yo). “Pilot” Abel Teller is born. (A lot of time revolves around his age, I’ve based things off his possible birth month of August/September 2008, I actually used Sept for my math)
August 25, 2008: SOA 1st Season (Jax Teller is 30yo). “Pilot” Abel Teller is born.
Source: SOAs7EP13 “Papa’s Goods’, Jax is holding Abel’s birth Certificate. *Thanks to u/Jmfa1
Reason: S1EP3 “Fun Town”. Many county fairs/carnivals take place around these months.
Other reasons for 2008 definitely being the start year are technological advances and products used by characters (like Tara’s cell phone):
Happy is part of Tacoma's charter until S1EP10 "Better Half” (S1EP10 to S3EP6 “Push” he is Nomad)

Really late 2008/Really early 2009: SOA 2nd Season.
Half-sack is killed (prospect to Chibs). Happy is still Nomad. Happy spent a lot of time in Charming during S2, only absent from 4/13 episodes. Small window for a Nomad kill.
We don't know exactly how many days passed between EZ finding the body of his mom and locating the car in the bar parking lot beginning the chase scene. (Kurt’s media interviews where he says Happy was Nomad can be disproved by his own shows. Some intern fucked up their homework. Luckily, Mayans MC does not explicitly state that Happy was Nomad, only Sutter’s interviews. There is time for this to be noticed and not make it into the Mayans MC S2 scripts which would actually mess with the mythology)
2008/2009: Possibly when the Santo Padre charter is born. Marcus Alvarez sends his cousin Obispo Bishop Losa (likely a full patch Mayan from another chapter) and childhood friend Che Taza Romero to set up and run the Border Charter. Alvarez enters a business deal with Jose Galindo around this time?

May 2009: SOA 3rd Season.
April 2009: SOA 3rd Season.
S3EP1 “SO” Jax teller says “my 8-month-old son was kidnapped” meaning S1EP1 to S3EP1 is 8m long. Year changed from 2008 to 2009.
**If Abel was born around September 2008**
Late (September) 2008 + 8 months= Early (May) 2009
Abel was born August 25, 2008
August 25th, 2008 + 8 months= April 25th, 2009. This season takes place over a few days to a couple weeks, putting the S3 finale likely in May, 2009.

Season 3 takes place in the first half of 2009.
Happy becomes Redwood S3EP6 “Push”. Tara is 6 weeks pregnant (1 ½ months. I will round this to two months for easy math later), SAMCRO is looking for Cameron Hayes and Abel Teller. S3 Finale, Happy is arrested along with Clay, Jax, Bobby, Tig and Juice for a 14m sentence.
(In between 3 and 4, 14 months pass as the show does a time jump to the clubs release from prison.)

2010 before summer: EZ is 19/20yrs old? College age. Emily is 17/18?
EZ’s first flashback visiting Emily at her high school, he says he had a break before finals, indicating the end of the semester. He could be at the end of his 1st year or 2nd about before the summer break.

July 2010: SOA Season 4.
S4EP1 “Out” Happy and other SAMCRO members are released after 14m in Stockton, year changes from 2009 to 2010. Thomas Teller is born during that time.
**Take the approximate month/year of S3 Finale and add 14 months**
Early (May) 2009 + 14 months= Mid (July) 2010
May 2009 + 14 months= July 2010 is more likely thanks to Abels birthday.
Clay, Jax, Happy, Bobby, Tig and Juice are released from jail just over mid-2010. (July 7th month of the year)
More proof that SOA Season 4 was in 2010 comes from a scene in Mayans MC from Bishop and Alvarez at the meeting in the casino with the Chinese.
“Look. We're not privy to everything that's happening with the rebels, but this kind of shit is the cost of doing business for the cartel. It always has been. 2010, we saw the same thing happen to Galindo's old man. Lobos Sonora made a play for the border and shipments were being clipped every week. Our business didn't change.”
Source: Mayans MC S1EP 3, “Buho/Muwan”. Lobos Sonora subplot occurred in S4 of SOA when Kozik died.
Technological advances:
S4EP3 “Dorylus” the mention of an Ipad, which was not released until 2010. This fits the timeline.

*Season 4 does get wonky because Tara drives a Ford Edge with a 2012 sticker on the LP, but the year is not 2012 for them. Not enough time has passed. Total countable elapsed time in-show days are less than 30 for S4.
Jax’s sons ages this season:
Abel should be 22 months old, about to turn 2 years old. Rounding Tara’s total pregnancy time up by two weeks (stated above) for easy math, at the time of Thomas’s birth, Abel is no more than 15 months older than his little brother.
If Abel was 8m old when Tara was apx. 2m pregnant, with 7m remaining of her pregnancy, Tara gave birth to Thomas at the end of 2009.
Abel 8 months old= Early (May) 2009 + 7 months = Dec. 2009 Thomas is born. If the two boys are 15m apart, Thomas would be 7m old and Abel is 22m (about to turn 2yrs) when SAMCRO is released.
UPDATE: Abel 8 months old= April 2009 + 7 months = November 2009 Thomas is born.

2010 Summer: 1st Annual Santo Padre Mayans M.C. Rally.
EZ finds his mother’s body (Happy is the presumed killer at this time, all EZ’s flashbacks are 8 years ago). Coco had just returned from his tour of duty in Iraq. Angel and Coco get a gun for EZ. EZ shoots a cop in the chase with Happy. EZ is facing 20 years for murder. Serves time in Stockton. Emily has the abortion.

If we knew what month in 2008 Abel was born, it could help narrow this timeline down exactly. But given the SOA timeline as it stands 2010 is definitely when EZ was in Stockton.
Meaning that Gemma being seen during EZ’s does line up and actually works. She would be visiting near the end of their sentence, maybe even finding out when they will get released. S4EP5 “Brick” Gemma also meets with Otto, so she could be seeing him in that scene during EZ and Emily’s argument which seems the most logical. If that is the case, then SAMCRO would already have been released which would mean EZ and Happy were NEVER in Stockton at the same time.
If SAMCRO were in Stockton for 14m, then EZ and the SONS were only in the same prison at the same time for a couple of months minimum. Some people think that EZ being in Stockton at the same time as Happy is a big deal, but given the timeline and the size of Stockton, them seeing each other wouldn’t be likely...especially since if EZ did see Happy in Stockton there would be no “big reveal” in the Mayans MC S1 finale. EZ had to have never had contact with Happy at all.
UPDATE: SAMCRO were likely arrested in May, 2009 given Abel’s age at the time and the time that passes from S3EP to S3 finale when they are arrested. SAMCRO’s 14th month sentence ends in July, 2010 which would have been around when EZ was arrested. Finale thoughts: EZ was never in Stockton with SAMCRO at the same time. Gemma was visiting Otto.

Here is where shit gets weird in the SOA timeline.... Thanks, Abel!
Still 2010?: SOA 5th Season. Opie Winston dies at age 34.S5 EP1 “Sovereign” picks up a few days to a couple weeks after S4. Clay is out of the hospital last seen in care in s4 finale “To Be Act 2”. Frankie Diamonds, Gogo and Greg the Peg voted into SAMCRO. Jax and Tara get married.
S5EP11 “To Thine Own Self” Romeo Parada signs off on SAMCRO leaving the cartel deal. Mayans take over muling. Jax begins attempts to leave guns.

Late 2010/2011: Angel, Gilly and Coco begin prospecting terms. EZ is in jail. Emily is in law school.

June 2013 somehow?: SOA 6th Season. S6 picks up days after S5 finale.
Jax still trying to get out of guns but can't unless they have a replacement pipeline. Les Packer and SAMDINO vote down picking up the Irish slack, “Wolfsangel”. After the clubhouse is blown up, Galen and Roarke allow SAMCRO to leave guns if they get all their buyers onboard with Clay handling distribution “Salvage”. Tara died (finale) in June around what would have been her next birthday, months before Abel would have started school.
June/July 2013?: SOA 7th Season. S7 picks up days after S6 finale. With Tara’s birthday being June 21, 1980, and her death also occurring in June (around her birthday although the show never mentions her birthday occurring) this season picks up around this event. Source: Tara’s gravestone.
S7 Premiere could start late June/early July. Abel starts school in this season (cause he’s 5 now), which typically begins in mid/late August depending on school districts.
Wendy checks out of rehab after 9 days worried about Abel. Jax is in county prison and released after no evidence ties him to Tara’s murder. Tara’s funeral was 2 days ago from his release.
Jax Teller dies at age 35. Jax born in ‘78 and is 30 by S1 soa= 2008. S7EP4 “Poor Little Lambs” Abel is approx 5 given Jax saying so via dialogue in S7 SOA as he has started school. Abel would be in a pre-k/kindergarten program depending on when his birthday falls in the school system. CA school districts “child must turn 5yrs old before or on September 1st for the kindergarten school year. So if Abel was about to turn 5 AFTER Sept 1st, Jax could have rounded up putting Abel in Pre-k as he just missed the cut-off date and 5-year-olds can be in pre-k cause they'd be the oldest in the class after Sept 1st. Source: Am parent.
S7EP9 - “What A Piece Of Work Is Man” Transcript:
Jax: Why don't you all head up to the cabin? Bring the boys.
Wendy: Well, what about school?
Jax: Not today.
Wendy: Abel's struggling, Jax. That thing with the lunchbox...
Gemma: He'll be fine.
Wendy: It's just that the more time he misses, the more he falls behind. And I think that's adding to his frustration.
Jax: He's five years old. He shouldn't be frustrated. I want him with me today.
Wendy: Okay. (o.0)
S1EP1 to S4EP1 is 2 years long (Abel is 22m old turning 2)
From S4EP1 “Out” Abel is just shy of 2yrs old and then jumps to 5yrs in 3 seasons?
One of Sutter’s things that happened with the show was the recasting with Evan and Ryder (the twins that played Abel). Abel’s age was moved up to match the actors who took over playing Abel which fucks with the natural time that passes in-show. To account for this, I’m sure they just wrote the dialogue where Jax says “he’s 5” to make it work.
If we go by Abel really being 5 and ignore the in-show day counts (day/night/next day) then from S1EP1 to S7 Finale... 5 years pass from beginning to end.
SOA Season 7 ends roughly in September 2013.
UPDATE: August 25, 2008 plus 5 years = August, 2013. Abel starts school around his 5th birthday and Jax's dies shortly after in EP13. Early September might still work for the series finale.

2017: Emily gives birth to her son. Emily’s son is only 10m old in S1 of Mayans MC (Sept, 2018). September, 2018 - 10m= Cristobal is born in Dec, 2017.
The name “Cristobal” carries meanings like “bearer of Christ” or “holds Christ in his heart” perfectly fits the month of December (the month of Jesus’ birth) and Sutter’s weird fixation with Catholicism.
Emily conceived Cristobal late March/Early April 2017. Emily was described as having an education in law. If she was 18 in 2010, 7 years would be reasonable enough for some law school and dating/marrying Miguel before conceiving. Point being: she didn’t immediately find Miguel after EZ’s arrest and the abortion.

2017/ Early 2018: EZ had “6 years shaved off his sentence”. EZ is released and does his probation in Hollister (Source: my main man, Hank “Perro/Oc”. ) after serving about 7/8yrs in Stockton and accepting the Confidential Informant deal. 7th Annual Santo Padre Mayans M.C. Rally occurs, Angel has the poster in his house now.

September 2018: MAYANS MC 1st Season. Almost exactly 5 years after S7 finale of SOA.
Episode “Cucaracha/K'uruch” takes place in September, 2018. Source: Adelita’s laptop date.
Later in episode 9 “Serpiente/Chikchan”, Potter hands Miguel his folder of the deal to sign showing surveillance dates in the month of September, 2018 from EZ’s intel.
EZ Reyes joins Santo Padre. He is a prospect to his brother, Angel Reyes. He still has 8 months left to become a full-patch member.
In “Perro/Oc” Angel, Coco and Gilly discuss bringing EZ in on their Adelita secret. It is stated he is 9m shy of a patch. Later it is stated EZ has “about 8 months” left, season 1 of Mayans takes place over the course of about 2 or so weeks making this totally round-able.

September, 2018, EZ has 8m left. EZ has prospected for only 4m prior to the Pilot episode off-screen. In the pilot, EZ already knows about the “dresses” insinuating that he has been around long enough to know what the club does for the cartel.
Sept. is 9th month of the year. 9th month- 4m= 5th month of the year. 5th month of the year is May.
EZ began prospecting in May, 2018.

Early October 2018: S1Ep10 Finale: SAMCRO (Redwood Original) is back in the gun business. Alvarez does not have his pipeline through Connor Malone. Les Packer who previously voted against gun running is also having SAMDINO deal. Alvarez retires from the M.C. joining Miguel Galindo as his advisor. Bishop is now EZ’s sponsor. WTF Sutter.

2/24/2019: Updated timeline info thanks to a comment down below, who found Abel's exact birthday in SOA S7EP13 "Papa's Goods".
submitted by TheOkayestTaylor to Sonsofanarchy [link] [comments]

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Pacific Crest Trail 2018 - YouTube

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